Best summer activities in Breckenridge, Colorado

Best summer activities in Breckenridge, Colorado

  • 07/4/22

Best summer activities in Breckenridge Colorado

Up next – more amazing things to do in Breckenridge in summer! Beautiful scenes, family-friendly ideas and the area’s top activities that will get your adrenaline pumping – let’s keep going!

Afternoon at Lake Dillon

The stunning Dillon Lake, Colorado

Perhaps one of my favorite things to do in the Breckenridge area is to visit Lake Dillon. Located about 25 minutes northeast, this beautiful lake will win your heart.

With scenic views surrounding the entire lake, you’ll find there’s quite a lot of things to do in Dillon CO, too!

How to spend an afternoon at Lake Dillon:

  • Visit the Sapphire Point Overlook
  • Rent a boat and enjoy the water
  • Bike parts of the 26 scenic mile shoreline
  • Hike the Old Dillon Reservoir trail for epic lake views

Pan for gold

Breckenridge’s unique history dates back to 1859, established during the Pike’s Peak gold rush. Gold mining was alive and well for decades, and only in the 1970’s did the town become a popular ski destination.

So needless to say, panning for gold is a big tourist attraction in Breck. You’ll find panning for gold in many spots in and around Breckenridge. However, my favorite spot was at Country Boy Mine. It’s located on a historic gold mine, which is fun to learn about.

Best spots to pan for gold in Breckenridge:

  • Lomax Placer Mine
  • Washington Mine Site and Milling Exhibit
  • Country Boy Mine

Go on a treasure hunt

Solving puzzles during treasure hunting – can you do this one?

One of the most kid-friendly things you can do in Breck is visit the Country Boy Mine for a treasure hunt. It’s an old-fashioned hunt for gold, buried at an old gold mine in Breck.

Kids solve puzzles and riddles, challenging themselves to think outside the box and complete tasks to find clues. It’s highly entertaining and challenging, with a fun souvenir at the end of the hunt!

Pro tip: reservations are highly encouraged as they sell out quickly! Treasure hunt is best for kids 5+.

Bike and brews tour (top activity during summer in Breckenridge)

Best of Colorado’s local brews!

If you’e a spirited adventurer, this is the perfect activity for you! Take a tour of the best distilleries, breweries and wineries in Breckenridge, all on bike! 

Visit the highest distillery in the US, tour a winery inside a historic saloon, and take a ski lift (bike included) to the best breweries in the area. Expect high adventure, lots of laughs and some good booze on this one-of-a-kind tour you won’t find anywhere else!

Book it now: bike and brews tour in Breckenridge

Skate park

Breckenridge skate park

If you’re into skate boarding, then Breckenridge is a great spot to relive the good ‘ole days and hop on your board. Located just north of town by the Breckenridge Rec Center, this skate park has everything you need for a few hours of fun!

In its picturesque setting, even those watching skaters will have a good time with the scenic stream and mountain backdrops.

Afternoon in Frisco

The picturesque Frisco, just a few minutes away

Frisco is an adorable town just 20 minutes north of Breckenridge, and definitely worthy of spending a morning or afternoon. It’s charming main street will remind you of Breck’s, but without all the crowds. Downtown is colorful and full of life!

Shop at a fun boutique, visit the Frisco Historic Park and Museum or dine on the street. The city even blocks off driving on Main Street for pedestrian traffic and extra restaurant tables. Frisco also touches Lake Dillon, so you could spend some time kayaking on the lake or enjoying simply enjoying the sights.

Hike the Illinois Creek Trail

A great way to get active in summer in Breckenridge is to hike the South Illinois Creek Trail. At 1.9 miles and rated as easy, it’s a trail that’s doable for most. 

The trailhead is located adjacent to the Breckenridge Troll and features beautiful trees and a river. However, perhaps the best part of the trail is getting to Little Mountain. About .7 miles in, you’ll see a smaller, unmarked trail on the left. Take it to Little Mountain for beautiful views of the mountains surrounding Breck.

  1. Rent UTV’s

UTV trails near Breckenridge

Perhaps one of the most adrenaline-inducing activities you can do in Breckenridge is to rent UTV’s and go off-roading. My husband and friend did this while in the area, and he said it was the highlight of the trip!

If you love adventure, extreme sports and driving, then you definitely need to rent an all-terrain vehicle during the summer in Breckenridge! With epic views, these trails don’t compete anywhere else based on the amount of fun you’ll have!

Book it now: rent UTV’s near Breckenridge

What to do in Breckenridge during summertime

Can you believe this list?! This area of Colorado has so much to offer visitors! Here’s a few more activities to help you plan the perfect vacation to Breckenridge!

Play in the stream

Blue River near Breckenridge

It’s the quintessential activity for kids in the mountains in the summer: play in the water! 

The Blue River runs through Breckenridge, along Main Street and out of town to the north, along Highway 9. While there’s several options for playing in nearby streams, I highly recommend the area near the Breckenridge Rec Center. 

Pro tip: it’s highly recommended to bring your water shoes (for kids and adults) as the base of the river is rocky, slippery and in some spots quite slimy. This is my favorite brand of water shoes, and mine travel with me everywhere! 

Tube down the Blue River

Tubing down Blue River with snow tubes

This kids activity is so much fun! All you need is your water shoes, swim gear and a snow tube. There are plenty of spots to “launch” in the Blue River near the Breckenridge Rec Center. 

Kids can sit in the snow tube, protecting their bottoms from scraping on shallow points in the river, all while having an absolute blast! Snow tubes on Amazon are affordable and if you live in a snowy climate or plan to vacation during winter to the snow, you’ll use them again. 

Using a snow tube is like sledding, only better! In this case, hang out on the river. Just be sure to float only as far as you want to walk back up! There’s a bike path alongside the river making it easy to drop in and walk back up, so you can tube as many times as you’d like.

Skate at the ice rink 

Breckenridge Ice Arena

An activity for any age, this is a great inside alternative for rainy days in Breckenridge. The Ice Arena has open skate times (check their website for details), as well as many programs. 

Rent some ice skates and cool off at the ice arena! This is a fun time and one of the most unique things to do in Breckenridge. 

High Line Railroad Park and Museum

High Lie Railroad Park and Museum

Near the ice rink is the fun spot perfect for young children and train enthusiasts. You’ll learn about the history of the railroad in Breckenridge, and how it changed the trajectory of the town forever.

The High Line Railroad Park and Museum is free (although a $5 donation is recommended). Walk around the old fashioned train, read the signage and hang out at the playground for a bit.

This is a great spot to stop for any train lover – young or old!

White water rafting (perfect activity during summer in Breckenridge)

Try white water rafting in the mountains of CO

White water rafting in Colorado has been one of my favorite memories! If you love being on the water and you want high adventure, this is the activity for you!

There’s a variety of options for white water rafting near Breckenridge. The closest launch is from Silverthorne, near Lake Dillon, just 25 minutes away. 

You’ll ride down the Blue River for 3 fun-filled miles of rapids. This is also one of the most easy-going rapid trips around. Alternatives include rafting down the Colorado River (departing near Kremmling), Clear Creek (near Idaho Springs) or Browns Canyon (near Buena Vista).

Day trip to Vail

The incredibly scenic Vail Village, Colorado

Another popular tourist spot and about an hour northwest of Breckenridge is the bougie Vail Village. While there’s plenty of hiking, spa activities and things to do in Vail, the Village is where all the action happens.

The cobblestone streets will take you to different regions of the world based on cuisine and what’s in the nearby shops. It’s a cool spot to walk around and people watch, perfect for all ages.

If you’re traveling with young ones, don’t miss the water feature and stream on the eastern end of the Village. Of all the times I’ve ever been to Vail Village, I’ve never once been disappointed in the food!

Pro tip: In the summer it gets chilly at night, so be prepared if you’re dining outside after the sun goes down.

Catch live music

Summer in Breckenridge often means live music. It just adds that extra ambiance to the evening, you know? Whether it’s catching live music at the Blue River Plaza, at a festival or live music at a restaurant, you’ll have plenty of options in the summertime.

Best places to find live music in Breckenridge:

Hike to Mohawk Lakes

Colorado Rocky Mountain lake views!

If you’re looking for more of a challenge – and stunning scenery, then hiking to Mohawk Lakes is a must! While I haven’t actually been able to hike to Mowhawk Lakes any of the times I’ve visited Beck, it’s high on my list for the next trip!

With gorgeous wildflowers, aspen trees, wildlife and beautiful water features (hello waterfalls!), this is sure to be an adventure. The full trail is 8.6 miles round trip, with an elevation gain of 2100 feet – which is a lot considering the elevation at the upper lake is just over 12,100 feet. 

You’ll need lots of water, bear spray, trekking poles, good hiking shoes and hiking essentials for a day trip

Pro tip: if you’re from an area with thicker air, the altitude is no joke. Take plenty of breaks to breathe, drink lots of water and go slow!

Summer in Breckenridge – area highlights

Breckenridge slopes from a distance

Whew what a list! This popular spot in Colorado is a vacationer’s dream. With gorgeous scenery, plenty of activities for all types of trips and tons of dining options, a trip to Breckenridge in summer is always a good choice!

So, have you decided which of these activities you’ll do to create your perfect summertime vacation to the mountains? If so, comment below!

Let’s recap the list again…

Best things to do in Breckenridge in summer

  1. Epic Discovery at Breckenridge
  2. Breckenridge alpine slide
  3. Ride the Breckenridge gondola
  4. Visit the Breckenridge Troll
  5. Shop for souvenirs in downtown Breck
  6. Rita’s margaritas and tacos
  7. Try the local brews
  8. Blue River Plaza
  9. Free museum at the Breckenridge Welcome Center
  10. Arcade at Downstairs at Eric’s
  11. Gelato at I Scream Gelato
  12. Axe throwing
  13. Breckenridge Alpine Gardens
  14. Take a ghost tour
  15. Afternoon at Lake Dillon
  16. Pan for gold
  17. Go on a treasure hunt
  18. Bike and brews tour
  19. Skate park
  20. Afternoon in Frisco
  21. Hike the Illinois Creek Trail
  22. Rent UTV’s
  23. Play in the stream
  24. Tube down the Blue River
  25. Skate at the ice rink
  26. High Line Railroad Park and Museum
  27. White water rafting
  28. Day trip to Vail
  29. Catch live music
  30. Hike to Mohawk Lakes

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